Automotive Sector and Connected Car

Source: Hunter Slaton for Mazda

Get ready for the self-driving revolution!

NEW: NVIDIA GPU tamper-proofing

White Hawk protects your autonomous car and truck fleet. Autonomous trucking is almost around the corner.  Consider that anything with a communication chip on board can be remotely accessed and hacked into. White Hawk’s technology prevents attacks in the automotive sector and protects autonomous cars and fleets from being hacked into and from taking you off control.

  • Protect basic functionality of electronic system, prevent overriding of basic functions (car opening, engine start, brakes etc.). Protect sensors.
  • Prevent damage on successful attacks including lives and reputation.
  • Real time requirements adding reaction time to driver action; possible absence of driver.
  • Classical communication security which needs to be tamper-proofed itself.
  • Prevent attackers to prepare attacks using attacker owned vehicles.