NEST-X86 BETA Release

The BETA release is for NEST-X86. It provides a set of tools to tamper-proof X86 C and C++ code operating in a Win-32 environment.

– Contact us at to receive download information.
– This software is licensed, not sold nor given.
– It is used at your own risk.
– This is a BETA release, please feel free to send feedback.
– This software will time-out after a few weeks.

DOWNLOADS will be provided upon request.
– ZIP file with tool executable, and a few examples.
– README file for an example (included in zip file).
– Short tutorial (included in zip file).

Tool implementation:

  1. Engineer develops application code/software (plus compile & link).
  2. Engineer debugs the application.
  3. Engineer designs protection, writes a protection script and puts markers into the source code, if needed.
    – White Hawk manual provides instructions and examples.
    – Markers are optional, but provide for highly efficient protection.
  4. White Hawk tool reads the script and the compiled binary code, then executes the protection automatically.
  5. Link
  6. Finally, repeat the debugging, this time with protections included.