Military & Air Force


“Because we’ve gone from the Cold War to the Code War.” (quote by Thomas Waite)

Military warfare has been moved to the next level via the new connectivity enabled by the internet and the battlefield has been extended to the cyber world. Intelligence information, weaponry and critical infrastructure are vulnerable to cyber attacks and breaches can drastically affect political power and the very existence of the state. Implementing White Hawk’s code protection to defend critical software will thwart state players.

Advantage of White Hawk Software protection for the Military & Air Force customers:

Intrinsic tool modularity, extensibility
– Enables: large variety of different applications, with different requirements.
– Relevance /long usability of tool increased

Unusually high protection strength for a software only tool. Complex control flow graph; large internal variety.
– Higher protection strength
– Alternative to hardware based protection.  Use in addition to hardware based protection.

Object files, protection of libraries
– Support complex application
– Enables protection of software from multiple subcontractors

Range between specifying defaults and letting the tool decide
– Do it right for different classes of application versus saving human effort in protecting.
– Balancing performance cost versus protection strength.

Having a multitude of protection methods effectively impairs hackers!