License Checking

License checking is used for all kinds of software, from simple to complex, from cheap to expensive.  For high value software, like design automation, medical devices, financial, or others, license checking can be critical for the survival of a business.

Common license checking software in the market today typically provides two types of services:
1 Copy protection
2 User management

However, these two mechanisms are not be sufficient anymore to fully protect the software. Cyber breaches are increasing at an alarming rate because

  • The copy protection may be too weak.  As result, this can lead to huge economic losses.
  • The canned user-management from license management companies may be too complex, too simple, or just not exactly right for a customer’s particular software.

White Hawk Software tamper – proofing can provide an ideal solution to these problems:

  • The application writer decides whether or not the software product runs on the right computer.  Tamper proofing at a strength as chosen can be used to prevent any cheating.
  • Management extras like using license servers, online access to the vendor or other customizations, can be written by the application writer to match his real needs, and tamper proofing applied where necessary.

To prevent intellectual property from being stolen by hackers, or by malicious users, the critical parts of the application can also be protected against reverse engineering.