Tamper-Proofing is to Code as Encryption is to Data


What viruses and spy snoops are riding along with your software?

New: we now have an alpha release available.

Tamper-proof your code with one of White Hawk’s NEST products and avoid:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Virus attachments
  • Run time spying
  • Being surprised by attacks
  • Code corruption
  • Any code modifications
  • IP theft

We enable precise control of your protection process since the  protection scripts are under control of the original software author. No special training is required to use these tools.

The protection script is specific to the protected program and possibly even to specific attacks (if you wish).

It is NOT simply encryption. It is NOT a virus checker.  It does NOT protect the data – it protects the code. These tools check the Good Stuff, no matter what the Bad Stuff might be, who owns the computer, or what other stuff runs on the computer.  They are a lot more than obscuring the code through obfuscation – they protect the application itself and prevent modifications of any sort.

See this page for more on software tamper-proofing and the company background for an overview of the intensely complex new combination methodology used by White Hawk Software.

Hacker-proof your code!