Tamper-Proofing is to Code as Encryption is to Data


What viruses and spy snoops are riding along with your software?

New: we now have an alpha release available.

Are you afraid of hackers?  Have you read today’s news?  There are daily reports of hacks and break-ins all over cyber-space.

We can help.  We can protect your code.

Security is a big thing: You invest in keeping hackers out of your network.  You use encryption to protect your data.  You create quality software and test it carefully.  You teach your users to use good passwords, but what are you doing to protect the code itself?

This is our specialty: Our tool enables you to protect your code.  Technically this is called tamper-proofing.  When the code is tamper-proofed, hackers cannot modify it.  Hackers cannot even reverse engineer tamper-proofed code.

The firewall may be cracked, but hackers still won’t know where to attack your code. Hackers may physically take over your computer; they may dump the whole memory, but they still won’t find a password hidden in your code. They know the data is decrypted somewhere during processing, but they still can not find it.

Protect yourself against:

  •         Reverse engineering
  •         Run time spying
  •         Being surprised by attacks
  •         Code corruption
  •         Any code modifications
  •         IP theft

Our tool reads your program and a protection script you will write (It’s easy for a software engineer).  Our tool will analyze the program, perform thousands of transformations and re-generate a program which performs exactly like your original program.

The protection script is key:  You tell the protection tool how much protection to apply, where the performance of the original program matters most.  If necessary, you can write a very specific script to surgically protect only those areas of code which matter. If you want to, you can design the protection according to the expected kind of attacks.

An important detail:  Our tool does not need to know how an attack looks like.  Our tool needs to know how the program is supposed to look and behave.  It can detect misbehavior no matter the reason.  It protects against unknown attacks!