Why use tamper – proofing ?

source: Renaud d’Avout

Lock your code!

Code tamper proofing protects mission critical software. Software breaches have become the new normal, causing not only economic damage but putting nations and lives at risk. Breaches of the electrical grid, water distribution and nuclear production facilities, running a car off the street, hacking the infotainment system of a plane to gain access to the plane’s control system and stopping a pace maker are vivid examples of code breaches with dramatic consequences. White Hawk gets to the root cause of these hacks by making your code tamper-proof.

Code tamper-proofing is needed for:

Prevent modifications of your code
– Prevent unauthorized and malicious code modifications.
– Prevent tampering with data integrity.
– Special purpose extension for PLC system protection.
– Keep even owner of computer out

Prevent reverse engineering
– Prevent reverse engineering of important algorithms, Intellectual Property.
– Protect device functionality and secret keys.
– Protect secret coefficients, creating watermarks.
– Digital rights management (DRM)
– License checking

Harden your software
– Protect libraries or infrastructure made available to 3rd party users.
– Protect security mechanisms from being evaded.
– Prevent spying, stealing, sabotage.
– Protect if you distrust your cloud provider.

Examples of mission critical cyber breaches: