Why criminals don’t use our technology.

Our tool would be perfect to hide what an application does… Virus writers use obfuscations all the time; many obfuscation techniques have been developed by them to hide malware. Criminals do not care about robustness and stability; they just want a fast obfuscation. That may be why WHS has problems using obfuscations as we find them on the web.

The deep reason White Hawk Software technology is actually hard to miss-use is quite simple.  White Hawk Software’s obfuscations in no way can be hidden.  They are quite large and strong, and may need setup and decoys…   This is unacceptable to criminals.  For them an obfuscation and its strength is secondary to the ability to hide its presence.  White Hawk Software may hide some key aspects of a program, but the very fact that code has been obfuscated is visible, almost in plain view.

Lastly:  Criminals prefer not to be found; our customer-list is unlikely to be a desirable location for hiding.  We can keep customer-data close to our chest and, upon request, won’t publicize it, but we have no plans hiding customer identities from law enforcement.

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